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2.0 | Update

iRollMusic is back with a new user interface and many new features. The user interface now is more clearly structured and corresponds to the new iOS 9 Design. We optimized the import and analyzing processes for scores. On new iPads you will have a noticeable improvement in performance.


New features:

  • Support for the AirTurn BT-105 foot pedal and other pedals that register as keyboards
  • Manual scanning of the iTunes documents folder
  • All scores in the music collection can now be analyzed at once
  • Better management of Dropbox accounts

From now on the iRollMusic download is free of charge.  We have removed the iRollMusic Lite version from the App Store.  iRollMusic supports up to 5 scores in the music collection.  If you need to manage more scores you will need to purchase an iRollMusic Pro subscription.


We introduced the iRollMusic Pro subscription model in order to better provide you with improvements and updates.


All users who purchased iRollMusic will be able to use the existing music collection as before. For additional score imports a iRollMusic Pro subscription is required.

Latest Updates

Update for Dropbox is coming

We will deliver an update to further support the Dropbox funktionality shortly.

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Extended Special Offers

We extend our special offers for iRollMusic pro subscriptions till 2.12.2015. After this date the regular prices for new subscriptions are in effect: 1 Year: € 7.99 / $ 7.99 6 Months: € 4.99 / $ 4.99 3 Months: € 2.99 / $ 2.99 1 Month: € 1.99 / $ 1.99

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