Let`s see what you can do with iRollMusic

Automatic page turning

iRollMusic is a digital music stand. It automatically plays back your PDF scores by rolling them across the screen. You no longer need to turn pages yourself! iRollMusic plays back your score measure by measure including any repeats and jumps. Of course you can still manually turn pages. We don’t think you’ll want to after you’ve seen iRollMusic at work.

Your practice companion

iRollMusic is great for practicing your music. With the multitude of page turn modes that iRollMusic offers you’re sure to find the one that fits your needs. You can focus on small sections with the paging mode or practice performing your pieces with our Roll by Measure playback mode.

Plan your gigs

iRollMusic let’s you comfortably plan your gigs by giving you the option to create playlists of your scores. iRollMusic automatically calculates the duration of these playlists so that you can easily get a feel for how long your gig is going to take.

Write it in

iRollMusic let’s you easily annotate your scores. You can insert lines of text or draw freehand annotations with a variety of colors. Naturally, you can share your annotated scores with your friends and group members. Watch in the video how easy it is!

Manage your scores

iRollMusic let’s you organize your scores in a comfortable library. Once you’ve imported your PDF files into iRollMusic you’ll have your scores with you at all times. You can use iTunes, Dropbox, Email, or Safari to import your scores.

Print your scores

iRollMusic let’s you print your scores with or without annotations with any AirPrint capable printer.

Use your foot pedal

iRollMusic supports foot pedals which connect to the iPad as Bluetooth Keyboard. iRollMusic was tested using the AirTurn BT-105 foot pedal.

«Genau danach hab ich gesucht... Bisher hab ich meine Noten über irgendwelche Pdf-Reader dargestellt und hatte immer das Problem, dass ich beim Seitenwechsel die linke Hand vom Keybord nehmen musste. Diese App macht das überflüssig. Der Einstieg ist am Anfang nicht ganz einfach aber wenn man das System einmal verstanden hat, ist es eine Freude mit dem Programm zu musizieren und zu üben. Ganz toll ist die Dropboxanbindung gelungen. Sicher, es gibt immer etwas zu verbessern und zu erweitern. Der Weg ist meiner Meinung nach richtig und die Entwickler werden sicher die eine oder andere Verbesserung schon in der Schublade haben und ich bin gespannt auf das nächste Update.»
– P. O.

Latest Updates

Update for Dropbox is coming

We will deliver an update to further support the Dropbox funktionality shortly.

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Extended Special Offers

We extend our special offers for iRollMusic pro subscriptions till 2.12.2015. After this date the regular prices for new subscriptions are in effect: 1 Year: € 7.99 / $ 7.99 6 Months: € 4.99 / $ 4.99 3 Months: € 2.99 / $ 2.99 1 Month: € 1.99 / $ 1.99

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