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I purchased an iRollMusic Pro subscription but I cannot import scores

Please go to the iRollMusic In-App shop and press “Restore Purchases”. The purchase needs a stable internet connection on your device.

I can't playback my scores

To playback your scores using the “Roll by Measure” performance mode you’ll need to enter measures using the measure editor first. You can get to the measure editor from the start screen, the library or from within any performance mode. Watch in the video how easy it is!

My scores don't show up on the start screen

The start screen lists the 7 most recent scores and sets that you’ve played back. This way you can quickly get to the last thing that you were working on. If a score or set isn’t listed on the start screen yet you’ll need to first play it back from the library by tapping on the eye symbol.

Open in ... doesn't list iRollMusic

When you import a score from Mail or Safari it is possible that iRollMusic doesn’t show up in the ‘open in …’ popup at first. If that is the case you’ll need to scroll down in the list until iRollMusic becomes visible. Watch in the video how easy it is!

iRollMusic is not responding

If iRollMusic is no longer responsive you’ll need to force quit and restart it. Tap the home button once in order to get back to the home screen with all your app icons. Then double tap the home button until the ‘multitasking’ bar slides in from the bottom. Press and hold the iRollMusic icon then press the little red minus sign in the top left corner. Now you can start iRollMusic like you normally would.

My Dropbox is empty

iRollMusic lists the files that are in the ‘Apps/iRollMusic’ folder in your Dropbox. For the lite version that would be the ‘Apps/iRollMusic Lite’ folder. This folder is used for import and export.

Scores are displayed too large after import

Please install the lastest iRollMusic update from the App Store and reimport these scores. This should solve the problem.

Will iRollMusic work on my iOS 9 device?

iRollmusic Version 2.0 works on iOS 9 devices.

Grey bottom toolbar in performance mode

You can switch off the grey toolbar in the system settings. Under system settings -> general -> keyboard -> shortcuts uncheck the switch to turn the keyboard shortcuts off.

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Latest Updates

Update for Dropbox is coming

We will deliver an update to further support the Dropbox funktionality shortly.

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Extended Special Offers

We extend our special offers for iRollMusic pro subscriptions till 2.12.2015. After this date the regular prices for new subscriptions are in effect: 1 Year: € 7.99 / $ 7.99 6 Months: € 4.99 / $ 4.99 3 Months: € 2.99 / $ 2.99 1 Month: € 1.99 / $ 1.99

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